From the dawn of time there has been some form of trade – barter or otherwise – with the common denominators of buy/make – sell and deliver.The explorers of old, establishing new trade routes, redefining borders and establishing the power nations of the moment were the pioneers of supply chain management. Over the centuries the rules of engagement have changed – the new normal is a digital medium where access to the trend of the moment is facilitated through logistics – the glue that ties the links in the chain together. The end of the last millennium and the birth of the digital age heralded the demise of traditional business models, provided the impetus for the establishment of our New Creed. Hierarchical corporate structures gave way to matrix driven organization, in many cases integrating expertise from cross-functional team members – internal and external.  

Expanding on this trend, New Creed was founded in 2001, with a fundamental philosophy that that incorporates:


The premise behind New Creed is that client staffed teams understand the core issues but at times lack the expertise to solve these problems. Our teaming approach leverages the skills of client team members, ensuring consensus driven, sustainable solutions. Over the years the team at New Creed have worked with a variety of clients in multiple industries. Notably:

Transportation Logistics
Education and Outreach

Find the right solution for your problems

Trust experts with experience

Why New Creed? 

New Creed has almost two decades worth of experience in the supply chain and logistics management field. We have worked with clients in numerous industries all around the world and understand how to customize our solutions to fit their needs. 

Leveraging the explosive growth of wired and wireless networks our team have partnered with leaders in supply chain software, services and technology. The scale and scope of solutions is limited only by the span of the problems we are addressing. Solutions that we have developed have crossed different functional areas, integrating a variety of business process changes as well as technology components. Our Services include:

Quality Management & Control
Reverse Logistics
Planning & Scheduling Manufacturing
Storage & Distribution